Live Judging 2017

Live Judging is mandatory for all entrants who are shortlisted as finalists in the categories of Personal Trainer, Up and Coming Personal Trainer, Small Group Trainer and Student. If you cannot attend the Live Judging on Friday 25th November 2016 in Auckland from 3pm to 6.30pm.  


All finalists will be allocated to a team and each team will rotate around the four stations. There will be three judges at each station and the time spent at each station will be approximately 8-10 minutes.

The following table indicates (by the Yes and  X’s)  which stations apply to the category you have entered.

Category Programme Design Teaching Business Small Group Training
Personal Trainer YES YES YES N/A
U&C Personal Trainer YES YES YES N/A
Student YES YES N/A N/A
Small Group Trainer N/A N/A YES YES

The programme design station

At the 3.00pm briefing you will be given the profile of a client for whom you will design a programme using your own programme card. This will be handed to the judges on this station.  The judges will ask you to explain your choices and to demonstrate some of your programme to a ‘client’.

The teaching station

You will be asked to demonstrate and teach some common exercises and stretches. You will only know what these are once you get to the station. If you are unsure of the terminology being used you may ask the judges for clarification without penalty.

The business station

At the 3pm briefing you will be provided with a cork board sized 450mm x 600mm. Use this board to visually display anything that represents the following areas of your business operation:
Marketing, promotion, branding, communication, PR or anything else related to the business side of what you do. You can choose to have as many or as few items on the board as you like. The judges will ask questions about your board.

The small group practical station

This is a 10 minute practical session. You will have approximately 8 clients to work with.
Mats and cones will be available but there will be no other equipment provided. If you wish to bring any other portable equipment that you are in the habit of using you may do so but ensure you have enough for a potential group of 8.