Questions and Answers

Here are a list of questions that have been asked by potential entrants, along with a brief answer.

Nomination Questions
Q: Can I nominate more than one person/organisation?
A: Yes, you can nominate as many people/organisations as you like.  Just remember to include contact details for the person/organisation you are nominating.
Q: Can I nominate myself?
A: Yes, but you might find it just as easy to enter!
Q: How can I find out if a trainer or facility is registered with REPs?
A: You can search for them on or if you prefer, call REPs on 0800 55 44 99.
Category Related Questions
Q: How long can I have been a PT and still enter the Up and Coming PT category?
A: The Up and Coming PT category is open to any person who at the time of entering stage one has been a PT (either employed or contracted) for less than 2 years (ie up to one year and 364 days).  Trainers that have been a PT (part or full time) for 2 years or more should enter the Personal Trainer category.
Q: How do I enter one of the Special Awards (Skills Active, ExerciseNZ or REPs) or the Student of the Year Award?
A: The Special Awards are by invitation only.  For the student award, registered education providers can nominate a student studying with them.
Q: What is the difference between Group Exercise and Small Group Training?
  • Group Exercise is instructor lead with a “do as I do” type activity, so everyone does the same thing at the same time, including the instructor who is leading and performing the exercise activity. Most group exercise involves music. E.g Dance style class or a Spin class.
  • Small Group Training involves a small group of individuals following a set series of activities and a structured programme e.g. “boot camp” lead by a Trainer.   Allowances and adaptions may be made for each participant’s ability.  Not all participants do the same thing at the same time, and the Trainer does not normally do all the exercises but might demonstrate them.
General Entry Questions
Q: Can I have an extension to submit my application?
A: Extensions are not granted for ANY reason.  Entrants that do not get their online application complete on time will not be granted an extension.   It’s always better to be safe than sorry, submit your entry early!
Q: How will I know if I am selected to go through to stage two or have made it to finalist?
A: You will be contacted via email to let you know whether you have made it, or not.
Q: Can I submit new information to my application once I have entered?
A: No, all entries are final.
Q: Can I enter more than one category?
A: Yes (as long as you meet the criteria for each category you are entering and the answers to questions are relevant to each category entered).
Awards Dinner Event Questions
Q: When can I buy tickets for this and how much will they be?
A: Bookings open in June. Ticket prices will be announced soon, an earlybird rate will be available.
Q: Do I have to be an entrant to attend the Awards dinner/ceremony
A: Anyone is welcome.  Most attendees are going to see who will win, network with their industry peers, and celebrate our industry.
Questions relating to the judging process
Q: What is the Judging Process?
A: The judging process follows a rigorous process at each stage with judging methods depending on the category (may include mystery shopping, video assessments, impartial 3rd party NPS scoring for facility entrants, on-site visits and live assessments (for individuals at the Finalist Stage). Winners in four of the individual categories (Personal Trainer, Up and Coming Personal Trainer, Small Group Trainer and Student) are determined at finalist stage by a live judging event on the Friday prior to the Awards Evening in Auckland at the end of November. The judging panel for the live judging event is made up of industry experts chosen for their skills and experience within the exercise industry.

In the event of any conflict of interest involving applications and judging this is declared to the judging panel and that judge abstains from making decisions related to that particular application. All judges sign a confidentiality agreement. i.e. Any information (including financial and membership figures) disclosed to them during the judging process remains completely confidential.

Our judging team is made up of a range of industry experts overseen by an Awards Manager who manages privacy, consistency in judging and any conflicts of interest.

 Q. Will I receive feedback on my entry?
A. In 2017 all finalists will receive feedback for their entry after the Awards. For Stage One and Two entrants feedback is available on request.

Please contact regarding an feedback queries.